BodyCombat 59 Thoughts – Do or Die

I can’t believe it’s the 2nd quarter already. What does that mean? Well, it means release time.  Facebook, Instagram and twitter again have exploded with various chat in relation to each release across the Les Mills stack. I posted quite a few track listings up as requested but for this post the BodyCombat 59 tracklisting can be […]

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GFX2014 Glasgow – Les Mills BodyCombat 59

Final set of photographs coming out of GFX2014 weekend is BodyCombat 59.  Previous photograph sets: BodyPump  89 BodyAttack 84 Sh’Bam 15 BodyStep 95 CXWorx 14 Below we have Steve Tansey, Justin Riley and team. Steve T rocked the show as always encouraging everyone to give a little more and even mounting Justin at one point(guy love?). Great to see […]

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GFX2014 Glasgow – Les Mills Sh’Bam 15

Third batch of photographs from GFX2014 in Glasgow.  Previous include: BodyPump 89 BodyAttack 84 Now it’s time for Sh’Bam 15.  Seriously blown away when I watch such programmes as BodyJam/Sh’Bam. Seems I took quite alot of pictures of this workshop.  The guys were, putting it bluntly the dogs balls.  Music was very upbeat and well […]

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