My Journey from Body Combat participant to instructor

This post has been sat in my drafts folder for about 5 months. I’ve not been teaching very long but I now think it’s the right time to talk about my journey going from a participant to an Instructor. Hard to believe I started this over a year ago. I done my module in Aug 2010, received my official pass in Dec 2010, and started to teach proper in March 2011. Last June I wrote about “What’s Occurring” , taking the 1st step into what I can only describe now as a life changing experience.  For anyone thinking about going from participant to a group exercise instructor please keep reading […]

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Checking out BBCs Domesday site

Discovered this week the BBC’s Domesday site, a description for the site: (taken from site) In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations. A million volunteers took part…   Now, 25 years later you can explore the archive online, see the pictures, update the information and make your mark on this fascinating record of our collective history. Inverkeithing I searched the town nearby, Inverkeithing and this is what popped up.   The above can be seen at Inverkeithing like most places have changed so much, with expansion, rebuildings etc. Princes St. from Calton Hill – Edinburgh […]

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Gmail labs – Protect yourself from yourself

For people who use Gmail as their email provider there are a couple of features that can as the title suggests “protect yourself from yourself”. I am going to cover 2 features you may or may not of used or even heard of, Mail Goggles and Undo Send. Feature 1 – Mail Goggles Within mail settings go to labs and search for Mail Goggles: Once enabled, depending on the time of day will confront you with a maths problem. To be able to send an email you will need to answer the questions correctly. Feature 2 – Undo Send As before within mail settings go to labs and search for […]

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Cleaning up the junk

Over the last couple of months my laptop has been slowly grinding to a halt. I posted a blog about small but useful tools that included a program called what’s in your startup. While this helped reduce the amount of applications loading up with windows, I wanted to clean up the rest of my laptop without having to do a full re-format. I had a hunt around the internet and found some good free applications. Before installing anything please check with the application requirements. I use Windows 7 but am sure most will work with the Windows platform. * Junk Yard picture from Flickr – by Mulo. System Ninja This […]

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Organising Photo’s

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Free photo software – Why Pay? Lots of goodies out there to use, all bringing there own goodness to the table.  If you’re like me and have pics of everything and everyone then organising them can be a pain. 1st thing I do is make sure any photo’s taken off my iphone or my camera are backed up. First stop after being backed up is to place them up in the cloud. Create sets on Flickr upload and organise. This is where I started thinking about what if I didn’t use Flickr Pro but instead some other form of organisation tool that […]

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The Approvals – Inverness Road Trip

I wrote previously about our road trip to Inverness.  While we were there we went to a local pub that had local bands on over the weekend. On the Friday night having just managed to get food there a band called “The Approvals” started playing. Official YouTube Clip I can say that this band is fantastic. Along with lots of cover the band played they mixed in some of their own material and really we were blown away.   The Approvals Practicing If you’re ever in the area and you notice this band is playing go and see them. The Approvals Booking Site The Approvals Myspace page The Approvals Bebo page