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Subtext blogging engine theme – Twitter bootstrap basic

I t’s been a while since I posted anything subtext related so after seeing the changes that Phil has been working on in his git repository I thought I would create a simple, fixed width twitter bootstrap theme. I do hope this can be included in the default subtext install one day :). I have used the following from the bootstrap arsenal: Grid system (fixed width with left sidebar). Button styles. Nav bar. Icons for various elements. This theme can easily be expanded and customised. I have tried to make it possible for the author to move the controls around such as recent comments, news, recent posts etc  without breaking […]

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Website move from subtext to wordpress complete

Last week I announced I had decided to move my blog over to WordPress. I am fairly confident the site is working as should. If you should come across anything like a missing image or 404 please contact me. I will be keeping an eye on 404’s over the next couple of days to resolve any images/pages not showing just incase. During the process of moving I discovered a couple of bugs in Subtexts blogML export: Export uses the date it was saved to the database not the published date (permalinks nightmare). Posts/Articles that were not live (draft) were published on import(not sure if this is subtext or wordpress). It’s […]

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Website Maintenance

Well, it’s taken me a couple of weeks to make this decision but with bigger things coming I’ve decided to move my blogging platform from Subtext to WordPress.  This decision didn’t come lightly as I’ve been using subtext for nearly 5 years and contributed several bug fixes, enhancements and themes. It’s not to say that contribution towards Subtext will halt. I still have many themes converted that I need to test and write up.  I hope to continue to submit fixes etc when development of subtext starts up again. End of next week my site will be down for a couple of hours as I make the move.  I have […]

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Customise Subtext Core Pages – Part 1

I have about 23 posts sitting in drafts in relation to my subtext skin bonanza. It takes a while to go through each skin, test it, write it up and package it up so please bare with me. I do plan on catching up soon. I wanted to take time out from subtext themes for a moment and go over a topic that I think will be of some use to such webmasters that use subtext on a multi-blog platform. Customising Subtext core pages. What pages am I talking about here? In this part I am going to cover pages that are visible to non-authenticated users: Login Page jQuery UI […]

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Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 18 – Smartone

Smartone, theme number 18 to be converted into a subtext skin. I discovered this theme when I was converting Evolve theme. The WordPress theme can be found over at . Simple yet elegant and smart. Besides easy readability and clean design with a shadow effect, the SmartOne comes with up to 9 navigation menu color schemes, custom header (12 preinstalled elegant headers) and background which guarantee unlimited color variants. *taken from theme author homepage All the headers are in the skin zip file, below are a couple included: Like the Evolve theme lots of room to experiment. After a previous blog about gym 64 fitness related twitter accounts I […]

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Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 17 – Evolve

Evolve, theme number 17 to be converted into a subtext skin. I found this theme over at The theme is quite nice and has lots of hacking possibilities as i found out while converting it. The header has room for a nice background, also you have option to remove the Gravatar feature on the post headings.  Lots of room to play about. Also the “keep in touch” part is very easy to change. The background images used are all taken from a sprite image that also contains Flickr, YouTube, Google and a couple more. I have included all the other images and css files so you can experiment yourself. […]

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Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 16 – Adventure Journal

Next in the theme conversion is a nice simple theme called Adventure Journal. * Taken from – WordPress Share your adventures with the world! Adventure Journal is a powerful theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features. Use your own header and background art. I have included all the header images that came with the original theme. As it says above you can easily change the images to your own. Homepage Footer Post Comment Comment Listing Download Adventure Journal

Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 15 – Fancy

Next in the theme conversion is a nice simple theme called Fancy. * Taken from – WordPress “Fancy” is a free WordPress theme which really lets your blog stand out from the crowd. Make your blog unique by changing the main blog color (pink, yellow, green), background pattern (available over 20 background variations), banner etc through an options page. In addition you have the ability to choose the color of sidebar blocks (violet, yellow, green). Tech folks might find interesting that we built this theme based on css framework “Blueprint”. Valid CSS & HTML. Designed by AZ Money Web Design. I have included all the images that come with the […]

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Green Park Update

It’s been 3 months since I published my first theme in the Subtext Skin Bonanza – Green Park. First off I am glad that there are people out there using the skins we are creating and second contacting me, reporting issues, feature requests, or asking how to do something. Yesterday I received an email from a subtext blog owner Raffaeu regarding strange behaviour going on with the post page and long comments. The below page (which has now been fixed) can be found on Raffaeu Bermuda Blog : Updates for my Microsoft Book. It would seem that during conversation a height had been changed resulting in the comment list not […]

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Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 14 – Spectrum

Throughout this series of converting WordPress themes to subtext “skins” I have trailed high and low for themes that I think people will use. I found this theme tucked away and is called “Spectrum” by Ignacio Ricci. This theme is described as: “colourful and fresh theme sporting a clean layout with one main column and a sidebar on the right” I really have to agree. I have noticed that the version I converted isn’t the latest so expect an updated version in the future. Homepage Footer Post Comment Comment Listing Contact Form Download Spectrum