405 Server Error with certain verbs while using ServiceStack.net

It’s an error that can be very common in rest services but in this case it’s the classic worked on my machine but when deploying to a development server things started going wrong.  At this point I’d like to say that ServiceStack.net isn’t the problem it’s a fantastic framework just coincidence :). Looking over the […]

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.NET utility classes, why re-invent the wheel?

Phil does it again.  Back to basics in relation to using methods that already exist in the .Net Framework. Aswell as his list some of the comments also contain pieces of code that are valuable and over looked. Check out his post http://www.haacked.com/archive/2007/06/13/the-most-useful- .net-utility-classes-developers-tend-to-reinvent.aspx One for the favourites

Website Update

As you may have noticed the website has been updated.  I took the decision to change the CMS from my own one which was really in beta to subtext.  Subtext brings alot more functionality to the site and new features are planned.  If your looking for an asp.net blogging engine then check out subtext. The theme is […]

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