Edinburgh Christmas

Les Mills BodyCombat clothing alternatives 2016 Christmas Special

Here it is the Les Mills BodyCombat clothing alternatives Christmas post part 1.  With BodyCombat 70 launching here in the new year why not check out some of the alternatives that are out there? Alternative BodyCombat Shorts Venum MMA Fight Shorts Speed Camo Urban Martial Arts Source : Amazon (£29) Smmash Shorts STEEL ARMOUR Source : Amazon (£32) Smmash Shorts DARK KNIGHT Martial Arts Source : Amazon (£32) TurnerMAX MMA Shorts Source : Amazon (£19) Tigon new MMA Fight shorts Source : Amazon (£22) Farabi Strom MMA fight wear Source : Amazon (£21) Alternative BodyCombat Tops Venum Predator X Dry Tech Source : Amazon (£36) Venum MMA UFC Electron 2.0 Dry […]

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Best of Les Mills BodyCombat 2015

Trying to catch up on posts.   This has been sat in my drafts folder for some time now.  I did do a best of 2014 which can be found : Best of Les Mills BodyCombat 2014 . Most viewed Sizzlers Looking at numbers on YouTube here are the numbers: Les Mills BodyCombat 63 – 78k views Les Mills BodyCombat 64 – 184k views Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – 304k views Les Mills BodyCombat 66 – 487k views Best of tracks Track 1a – Upper body warmup Les Mills BodyCombat 64 – Freaks – Timmy Trumpet feat. Savage What a great warmup.  The music was a huge factor for me choosing this track.  Straight into shoots with boxing […]

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BodyCombat 69 thoughts – Marmite

Les Mills BodyCombat 67 , BodyCombat 68 and several other releases are now in the mix. This release has gone. BodyCombat 70 track listing is out. How has BodyCombat 69 gone down? Les Mills BodyCombat 69 Masterclass Filmed in the usual studio back in Auckland New Zealand.Dan, Rach and 2 other presenters. Beginning to notice alot of changes now in the sense of how the program is delivered and the language used. “Are you ready at home?” On demand/virtual must be getting more popular… Not sure if anyone else was distracted by the 2 big guys at the front who were over exaggerating moves? Anyway onto BodyCombat 69 tracks Track 1a – Upper body warmup […]

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Everything Les Mills BodyCombat 68

While writing up my thoughts on BodyCombat 69 and putting together Everything BodyCombat 69 it would seem that this post never made it into the world.  Here it is. Here it finally is a small collection of blog posts,tweets,images and videos related to everything Les Mills BodyCombat 68. If you’d like to be on a future Everything BodyCombat or this one please check the bottoms of this post :). Posts BodyCombat 68 music track listing BodyCombat 68 thoughts by myself Dirty – Review by Grandnat Images BODYCOMBAT 68 New release New music New moves #bodycombat #lesmills #onetribe #gofitnesstc #fitness #fitstagram #fitnesslovers #power #training #exercise A photo posted by Giovanni Jimenez (@giovanni0914) on Jun […]

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Core De Force – Fitness Friday

Welcome along to the second post under the tag of “Fitness Friday”.  This isn’t a regular post but I look at Fitness related topics, videos, blog posts that have surfaced through the realms of social media, discovery or even being directed towards.  During the week this tweet caught my eye from my good friend Diana Wright (video in tweet is below): This will be released in the U.K. As a live fitness programme! Keep your eyes pealed #CdF https://t.co/iDHl2jj4rX pic.twitter.com/e3MAwQlNYB — Diana Wright (@dleight) October 18, 2016 The Sneak Peak After watching the above video digging a little deeper needed to happen to find out what, why, when, and how. What is Core De Force? Core […]

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