BodyCombat 59 Track List


Well BodyCombat 58 came and went, what a release it was. BodyCombat 59 is nearly here. Some massive tunes coming our way. I can’t wait to see the sizzler or even do this release at GFX04 in March….. What will we see from this release?

As you can see from the picture on the right this release was filmed in Stockholm instead of the infamous Studio One back in Auckland New Zealand. Were you there? The atmosphere must have been through the roof….

I wonder where and when the next one will be filmed when Les Mills goes back on tour???? Lets hope it’s somewhere in the UK or within a short flight :).

Anyway on to the tracks.

If you’re reading the above and thinking, hold on track 2 and track 6 are the same… this is not a misprint 😉

Note: I have tried to link to the track and artist however, it may differ to the release due to it being adapted for Group Exercise.


  1. Linda Austin   •  

    Thanks Simon, looks set to be an awesome release!! 🙂

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