Photography Project – Reflection

This year I plan on progressing my knowledge in the world of photography.  I have quite a few books to read to get me started but I thought why not create some little projects around things that interest me or inspire me??

The first project I am going to take on for the next couple of weeks is about reflection.

In geometry, the mirror image of an object or two-dimensional figure is the virtual image formed by reflection in a plane mirror; it is of the same size as the original object, yet different, unless the object or figure has reflection symmetry (also known as a P-symmetry).Wikipedia

If you don’t look for something then how do you expect to find it?  Reflections are all around us, may it be a puddle, a river, a loch or even a man made material such as a window. If you fancy getting involved please feel free to post a link to your masterpiece(s) in the comments below :). After the mini project has finished I’ll be creating a post in how it went and will share anyone else’s work who got involved.

It’s about taking the photos over the next couple of weeks. Not previously taken images… Lets be creative 🙂


I thought I would head have a little search to see if there were any videos/blog posts that would give me some good pointers, the following is what I found.

National Geographic Photography Tip: Work the Reflections

Keep shooting with Bryan Peterson


The reason this came about is I have seen some fantastic examples on Flickr.  Some of which are thinking right outside of the box.

Reflection – By Thomas Riecken

Kachina Bridge Reflection, Utah - By Isaac Borrego

Kachina Bridge Reflection, Utah – By Isaac Borrego

Reflection Challenge - by bahamadreamerofwi

Reflection Challenge – by bahamadreamerofwi

Reflection by Mike Barlew

Reflection by Mike Barlew

Reflection Kiss By Francesca Birini

Reflection Kiss By Francesca Birini

Reflection by Philippe

Reflection by Philippe

Plenty more fantastic examples over on Flickr


  1. Roger   •  

    Coincidentally I was out at Glentress Forest near Peebles just having read your post Simon. Here are a couple of Reflective Photos from that trip – taken on an iPhone 5S.

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