Gmail Tip – Customise your address

Signup for a lot of newsletters?  Well there is a way to individualise each newsletter just by adjusting your email address.  Say your email is and you fancy signing up for bt vault or another file back up service, you could just signup using Another example would be if you were signing up for web hosting you could use What now? You could easily create a filter based on any of the above addresses and organise your inbox.

FireFox Hint – Keywords and bookmarks

Well carrying on from my previous post on Increasing the size of the address bar I thought I would share another little hint. If like me you have many bookmarks then getting to them quicker can be easier by assigning keywords. Open up FireFox go to bookmarks, organise bookmarks you’ll get a screen like below. Notice the highlighted keyword for subtexts project site. Whenever I type subtext into the address bar hit enter i am taken to it’s projects home. Simple and straight forward. Enjoy.

FireFox hint – Increase Text size in the address bar

If you ever need to increase the size of text in the address bar within FireFox it’s very easy to do.  Before picture: The below directory location may only applicable to Windows 7 but am sure if you hunt around on other operating systems you’ll find what you need. The AppData directory is a hidden folder so you will have to navigate to it manually. Will be something like : C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles160agnxl.defaultchrome Within this directory you’ll see a file called “userChrome-example.css”. If you open it up with an editor and add the following line:   #urlbar {font-size:26px !important; height:45px !important;} Save this file as “userChrome.css” and restart FireFox, outcome : When […]

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Javascript unit testing frameworks

Myself and Simone have been in discussions about creating a jQuery plugin for many months now.  With real life, time on both parts hasn’t been on our side. Simone has co-authored a MVC book entitled “Beginning ASP.NET MVC”. I’ve been busy with work, getting fit, holidays, and other projects (more details coming soon). We’ve both now managed to make a start on the plugin which resulted in me looking at unit testing frameworks for JavaScript. I was quite surprised to find the amount I did hence this short and sweet post. List of JavaScript testing frameworks QUnit – jQuery testrunner – JsUnit – port of JUnit to JavaScript – […]

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Online storage/backup, alternatives to BT Vault

We all take our computer, laptop for granted.   We turn them on, we do what ever it is we want to do and then turn it off.  What would happen if it didn’t turn back on?  What would happen if the hard drive decided to call it a day or a nasty virus wipes everything? Realisation sets in you remember that you have photo’s/iTunes albums on there that you don’t have another copy of. It’s all happened to us at some point, just depends on the extent of the damage.  Unfortunately I learned the hard way many years ago, from then on I made sure that everything was backed up […]

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