Add Facebook events to Google Calendar

If you’re like me and use Google as the central location for you contacts, calendar etc then this Chrome extension could help you organise your life that little bit better. You can add Facebook events such as birthdays to your Google calendar within a couple of clicks. Install the extension and a “add to calendar” will appear as an option on the top of a Facebook event page. One click and it’s saved. Check it out :

Lee Evans Tour 2011 – RoadRunner

On Friday we made our way to the S.E.C.C to see Lee Evans. Trying to think about how long it has been since his last show, calculated about 3 years.  I’ve seen Lee Evans a couple of times now and he just goes from strength to strength. I honestly can’t wait till this DVD is released as I don’t think I stopped laughing. I still had sore cheeks the following day. The start and ending of the show is pure genuis… “Sweatyus Chimpeous”. I’m not going to give much away as really you need to see it yourself. Lee always finished with a song, this time he ended with 2, […]

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Check out Enter the Dojo–Youtube

This has to be one of the best things i have seen on youtube for a while. Seriously funny. Everytime i watch it i nearly spray coffee everywhere.   “Enter The Dojo” is a new comedy web series about the world of American martial arts schools. Think of it as “The Office” in a dojo. Right now they;re looking for a help in hand so if you like what you see and want to see more – Support Enter the Dojo.

Body Combat AIM 1- Booked

In July I wrote about My Journey from Body Combat participant to instructor. Would seem there are a lot of people out there who: Are in the process of taking that next step from participant to instructor. Thinking about taking that next step. I have been overwhelmed by people who have contacted me in relation to my initial post and all i can say is onwards and upwards guys. So AIM1 is booked for November where myself and other instructors will be picked apart and re-constructed by Tanya.  Really looking forward to it and what I’ll learn. It’s now the matter of waiting for Body Combat 49 to be released, […]

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Hotmail up the ante with account security

We all have numerous email accounts.  I have had a Hotmail account for over 10 years now and while some of my friends still use this to contact me on i mainly use it for newsletters, subscriptions etc. Normally anything I do with my Hotmail email is read, delete or archive.  This time i noticed a new option.   Having a quick search about led me to this blog post over on the Hotmail blog: What’s interesting is that I thought it would be locked down do only email addresses on a live domain but the post determines that it works with any email address: Of course, we didn’t […]

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