It looks white, white, white

It wasn’t until a friend Simone on twitter stated about how it’d been snowing all night that I suddenly realised, I’ve not checked the weather reports for up north. Yes, this year I am late in checking out my usual winter haunts. Usually I am on top of any sign of snow fall up in the highlands in hope that the season will kick off early. Like the previous posts: What a pretty sight… Early Season? – Oct 2008 Nevis gets some powder – Nov 2007 Man is it cold – Oct 2006 In between the above posts there have been trips up north and abroad that can be found: […]

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Borovets snowboarding holiday 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we arrived back on British soil after having a fantastic week in Borovets.  I have been very busy working on other projects during this time (hence no updates) these will come into the light in the next couple of weeks. We arrived in the shack they call Plovdiv airport.  For anyone who hasn’t experienced this airport then you are truly missing an experience.  The airport itself can’t handle masses and masses of people.  This was shown in the single baggage reclaim area whereby you couldn’t move while waiting the 30 minutes for the 1st lot of bags to be unloaded. I would […]

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New additions to the snowboarding playlist

A couple of days ago I announced that we’re heading back to Bulgaria in the next coming weeks and it’s time for a revamp of the playlists.  While my podcasts haven’t been that active I have been doing mixes offline which I might be posting up in the future.  Talking about podcasts it was good to see Simon aka One Phat Dj post another podcast entitled encore.  Lets hope that we can persuade him to do the best of 2008 :). Also Marc aka Dj Cruze has put up his Christmas edition podcast – sexy dancer. What other podcasts have I been listening to?  Well not many has been added […]

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and back to Bulgaria… Borovets.

Having been to Pamporovo twice now and making the decision of never going back we’ve decided to give Borovets a try.  When initially at the travel agents we priced up a couple of resorts in France and Italy but being so soon and with Christmas coming up we opted for Borovets. After adding on the price of lift passes, board carriage etc it turned out to be a right bargain.  Most of the other holidays cost more without the lift pass at self catering so was a very easy decision. Photo courtesy of Simon Reip If anyone can recommend, bars, places to eat please get in touch or comment.

What a pretty sight… Early Season?

Couple of days ago while checking out the Scottish resorts to see what the story was in relation to snow and nothing really stuck out.  Today is a different matter. Taken from : Glencoe Mountains live feed – Click picture to enlarge Taken from : Cairngorm Mountains live feed – Click picture to enlarge Taken from : Nevis Range live feed – Click picture to enlarge Lets hope that the snow keeps falling so that the resorts can open.  As always keep an eye on Visit Scotland for snow conditions.