As December 2006 approaches

I know I haven’t posted in a while. November has been very busy. Sill Game gets 2 Scottish Bafta awards. Borat movie is sooooo fecken funny. Little Britain live at Edinburgh playhouse. Cairngorm mountain opens its doors. Glencoe gets first tracks. Road trip up north is happening this weekend. Still Game won 2 awards at the Scottish Bafta awards. One for Best performance and the other for Most popular Television programme. I feel these awards were well justified as it just keeps getting better and better. Borat is in the house. Was abit concerned that the film would of got tiresome as usually they show the best bits on the […]

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Match made in heaven

Since buying my new Burton Custom 162 it looked very naked up on the wall next to my nidecker. A thought suddenly came, she needs bindings. Well, off I went to my local Summits where I bought a pair of Burton P1 Bindings.The outcome looking like: Now I think they both are complete. This seasons gear is looking sweet, if only i was a millionaire. When I was in getting the P1’s I saw a bonfire jacket which looks the b0ll0x and will go with my pair of bonfire bottoms, of which i just had to buy. Oh well there goes someone’s Christmas present. Bring on the snow. How this […]

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Man is it cold

Is it just me or is it getting very cold? You would expect there to be snow up north, but NO! On Friday looking at the Cairngorm webcam there was a flicker of hope as it showed a thin layer of snow covering the slopes. None now :(. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for a nice dump. If you want to keep an eye on what’s going on with the weather at Scotlands ski resorts be sure to check out Visit Scotland.