Website Maintenance – Road Forward Begins

I’ve not been happy with the theme of my site for a while now and finally I get some time to change this.  If you’re visiting over the weekend you may notice the following: 404 Error – Not Found 500 Error – Server Error Site looking bare just text and pictures If you do happen to bump into any of the above give it 5 minutes or so and hit refresh :).  Everything will be eventually be fine. Why am I telling you this? The last time I was doing things with my site I was bombarded via twitter and email from nice people saying “hey what’s up with your […]

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Mojo Themes WordPress Anniversary Bundle – $500 Value for Only $29

I wrote previously about looking for a new theme for my site and as you can tell I’ve still to find one that I like.  Over the next couple of months I plan on creating some of my own themes and what’s the best way to learn? Learn from a book : “Build your own wicked WordPress theme“, looking at other themes? When I saw this offer I thought $29 for a load of cool themes, why not.  Check it out over on Mojo themes.

Website needs a face lift

It’s been a while now that my site has been running on the theme GreenPark. I converted this theme into a subtext skin last year and I’m not entirely sure if anyone else is using it? At the time I converted various WordPress themes into subtext skins and I’ll continue to ( All Subtext related Posts including skins ). I know there are literally thousands of nice free WordPress themes out there through various different sites but finding a site that’s not clogged to the teeth with advertising, pop up windows with a varied wide selection is hard. There are some nice themes on the official WordPress site but to […]

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